I am an American screenwriter planning to make Aliyah next year. While I do write dramas, my love is comedies. I look forward to bringing my American sense of humor to Israeli cinema. All of my screenplays are high-concept and somewhat zany. I have 3 comedy screenplays that are in English, set in and around New york. At this time I want to collaborate with an Israeli screenwriter who has had his/her screenplays produced. Not just to translate the English to Hebrew but to adapt them to Israeli locations, culture, idioms and frames of reference. The loglines appear below (they have been adapted to Israeli characters and locations).
If you are interested in reading the synopses or the scripts please email me at [email protected] and let me know which of your screenplays have been produced, and which of mine you would like to read.
A Get Worse Than Death (dark comedy): An unhappily married Yerushalmi Charedi woman, about to receive her get, falls madly in love with a Chiloni man.  Life is great until he informs her he is a Kohen, a descendant of the Kohanim who performed the avodah in the Beit HaMikdash.  Problem: Halacha forbids a Kohen to marry a gerusha.  What to do?
I Know He's In There (comedy): A ganenet gets spooked by a boy in her class into whom she believes the neshama of her dead, cheating husband has been reincarnated (gilgul nefashot).
My Two & Only (romantic comedy): An Israeli man yearning for love finally finds his dream girl only to discover she suffers from a split personality To make matters worse, the “alternate” personality has a boyfriend. Who is she, really – Noa or Na’ava? One of the boyfriends will have his heart broken. It’s inevitable. Or is it?
Todah rabbah!
Ira Buckman
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